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Auld Lang Syne

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Welcome to the October- November Ukulele Sessions®

Welcome to our fall issue. Beth gives us an old time strum along favorite. Joe interviews builder Rick Turner. Marcy shares with us a great video of a song she learned on a trip to South Africa. I share another tune from my up coming book on ukulele chord solos. Let us know how we [...]

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A few words about “For Me and My Gal …”

by Beth Mead As usual, there is a diagram of each chord appearing above the lyric the first time each chord is played. It is followed by a number of slashes. Each slash represents one beat, or one downward strum of the chord. Accompaniment does not always begin on the very first beat or word [...]

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The Versatile Ukulele: A Journey to Cape Town, South Africa

by Marcy Marxer


A Song from the South African Freedom Movement

The Video

Siyahamba – Marcy Marxer with The Children’s Chorus of Washington in Cape Town, South Africa.

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Rick Turner: Respecting the Past, Looking Into the Future

by Joe Mendel  If Rick Turner charged consulting fees, I’d be broke. I have pestered him with questions about various aspects of building instruments since asking to interview him for mandolinsessions.com and he agreed. He is quite knowledgeable and quite willing to share that knowledge. “Just passing it forward” is how he puts it. He [...]