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A few words about Wayfaring Stranger

April 2011 24,466 views No Comment

by Beth Mead

Fingerpicking is another great way to accompany yourself when singing! Don’t be afraid to try it out. Here is a simple pattern that can be used to play Wayfaring Stranger, a traditional American Folk Song.

I have shown the pattern in tablature format at the top of the page.

Each line of the diagram represents a string on the Ukulele. The top line is the first string. The first string on your uke is the one that is closest to the floor.


The Right hand alternates: Thumb, Index, Thumb, Middle

Thumb: 3rd string/ Index: 2nd string/ Thumb: 4th string/ Middle: 1st string

This pattern is played one time for each measure of the song. The chords change where they are indicated in the lyrics.

Play the pattern over and over without playing the chords at first. When you can play the pattern smoothly add the chords and you’ve got it!

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