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A few words about Put Your Arms Around Me Honey…

February 2012 12,691 views 2 Comments

Here is another Ukulele Standard from the turn of the century. This one was written in 1910.

The song has some quick chord changes that are not difficult to play if you plan ahead. The first line consists of a group of chords played with a count of 1-2-3-4. Two strokes of G followed by one stroke of D7 followed by one stroke of C#° . Repeat. Then 4 strokes of G. The trick is to use your first finger to fret the second fret of the third string and your second finger to fret the second fret of the first string in the G chord. Move these fingers over one string to play the D7 and then keeping them in the same shape move them to the first and third strings at the first fret to play the C#°. Practice this change until it is smooth.

Then move on to the second line. The same relationship of fingers serves this chord change as well. First play the D7 for two beats and then slide your fingers back one fret and add in your third finger and pinkie to play the Ab° for two beats.

Sing this to your sweetheart on February 14th!


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